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Press Release 09.03.2019 – Port of Thessaloniki: The first port in Greece to become a member of the Green Award network

The participation of ThPA S.A. in the Green Award network was announced on Friday, March 9th 2019, during a meeting held in Thessaloniki.

ThPA S.A. participates in the network as Incentive Provider of the Green Award, offering a 15% discount on port charges to Green Award-certified vessels visiting the Port of Thessaloniki.

The Green Award Certificate is a certificate for vessels and shipping companies that exceed the statutory obligation relating to environmental terms and constraints. The Green Award certification process is carried out by the Bureau Green Award, the executive body of the Green Award Foundation, a non-profit institution founded in 1994.

The Green Award Foundation’s philosophy is to promote high standards of environmental performance and maritime safety by identifying, recognizing and encouraging environmentally responsible shipping through the operation of a non-profit certification scheme that assesses safety and environmental performance.

The Chairman of the BoD and CEO of ThPA S.A., Mr. Sotirios Theofanis, during his speech, mentioned that: “The shareholders of ThPA S.A. unanimously decided to participate in the Green Award network as it fully meets both the commitment of the new investment scheme to the emergence of practices and synergies with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of the company’s port activities and implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility project, focusing on the principles of the shipping industry and focusing on informing and raising awareness of all those involved in environmental issues. We will continue all together to support every effort aimed at preserving the marine environment”.

The President of the Green Award Foundation, Mr. Dimitrios Matthaiou, gave an honorary plaque to Mr. Sotirios Theofanis, stating the following: “As the President of the Green Award Foundation, as an experienced executive of the shipping industry, but above all as a Greek who comes from a nation that holds a leading position in Shipping and is the homeland of marine workers worldwide, I feel very proud to welcome the first Greek port as our new Incentive Provider at the Green Award Foundation. The Port of Thessaloniki, as a member of this global environmentally aware community, unites its forces with 36 other ports from all over the world and 75 other Incentives Providers. I believe that the initiative of the Administration of ThPA S.A. will act as a trigger for the local and regional shipping community and will draw the attention of the administrations of other ports, in order for them to follow the remarkable example of ThPA S.A.”.