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ThPA S.A. announces the successful completion of the constructive dialogue with the Federation of Stevedores of Greece (OFE) and the final agreement for the three-year period (2023-2025) Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) to regulate the terms of wages and working conditions of the Company’s dockworkers’ employees.

The President of OFE, Simeon Leftheriotis, stressed: “Today we agreed with the Management of ThPA S.A. on the new three-year Collective Labor Agreement which is result of positive collective bargaining and is governed by mutually beneficial terms for all parties. The safeguarding of wages and working conditions of dockworkers contributes to strengthening the sense of job security and peaceful working environment”.

The Executive Chairman of the BoD & Managing Director of ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos, stated: “The maintenance of a modern working environment is the result of collective effort, close cooperation and productive dialogue and is a key concern of ThPA S.A. In this context, the signing of the three-year Collective Labor Agreement with OFE, highlights our commitment to the continuous development of the Port of Thessaloniki”.